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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by by the number of moments that take our breath away    

Always Be Dazzling

In Dreams and Love all things are possible

Love makes all things possible

Be Beautiful every day

Keep Your Love Magical

Invent Reality

Marry your best friend

Share your life with someone

All you need is love

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Nicky Kohler

Phone: 760 832 5505

Nicky Kohler Photography

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Tina and Josh

          Tina & Josh

Melissa and Joe

        Melissa & Joe

Jessica and Robert

       Jessica & Robert

Danielle and Chris

       Danielle & Chris

Kelsea and Zach

        Kelsea & Zach

Lanaya and Kevin

       Lanaya & Kevin

Rachel and Bobby

       Rachel & Bobby

Shonna and Patrick

      Shonna & Patrick

Susan and John

        Susan & John

Lacy and Erik

          Lacy & Eric

Melissa and Brent

        Melissa & Brent

Toni and James

         Toni & James

Alex and Adam

         Alex & Adam

Christy and Paul

        Christy & Paul

Courtney and Alex

       Courtney & Alex

Nina Marie and Suren

     Nina Marie & Suren

Danielle and Daniel

       Danielle & Daniel